Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NikeHere's my new shoes. They're just men's running shoes. Well, now they are a woman's every-day shoes. I haven't had Nikes in quite a long time. I like them so far. The laces are too short or they have too many holes or my feet are too fat, but I barely have anything to tie with. But I figure that'll stretch. I guess the real test will be how they work for volleyball tomorrow. I reckon that gives me a reason to go. Fun seems so pointless sometimes. But I really hope I don't hafta go into work today. I was gonna run amuck and play golf and maybe ride a horse with Tree. I'm still playing golf either way. They can't take that away!@ I'll put up a fight. 'Cause you gotta fight for what's important in life.

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Querida said...

Nice shoes. :)

Nice last line. Very true.