Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bonnaroo. Well, I got there around 4pm on Sunday and went right to work helping the Tribe work on the post office.

The post office is in Planet Roo, which is the center of all things "green" at Bonnaroo. The building is made from a base of used tires. Hay bales are under the clay. Part of what we had to do was to put a fresh layer of clay/straw/sand mixture over the entire surface, inside and out.

We had a pretty good team, so it wasn't too bad, but it was still a ton of work.

Here's some of the slop we were using in the wheel barrel.

But they fed us plenty well at a catering area. It was quite a walk away from the work site, but the food was good enough that no one was complaining.

The people came on Thursday around noon. I didn't have much to do with building the bench shown here, but I did help lift the roof onto it along with about 10 other people.

The building was a functioning post office during the event. People could come in and send a post card for $1. They could also visit the "green" booth that was inside.

I helped with the little bamboo fence. That was fun.

Another group actually came in to plant the Victory Garden. Their leader was "Sarah-with-an-H", so they were cool like that.

Someone made those hanging lamps out of paper mâché and beach balls. It was neat to watch the process, but they suffered some in the transfer to the ceiling.

I woke up kinda early and got to see the sun rise. That didn't happen much. The music was playing until 4am. I could sleep through it, but it was better to stay up and see all the bands.

I was camped in the Boneyard with Anne's crew. Actually I only camped for Thursday and Friday nights. The other nights were spent at the hotel.

There were 2 main stages, 3 medium stages, and 2 smaller stages. The Which Stage was #2 in size, and this picture was taken while the Avett Brothers were playing. I was about halfway up through the crowd.

I dunno what year this aerial is from, but I put an orange dot on where I was camped. It sure did beat what most of the people had to deal with out there. I actually never left Centeroo, which is where all the stages were.

So I guess that's about it. As for the music, heh, I didn't see even close to all the ones I wanted to see. I went to dinner during my #1 band, Weezer! It was just too packed for my comfort. Cross Canadian Ragweed, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, and Dave Matthews Band all played on Sunday, and I left the site around 3am on that day. I did see Bassnectar for their entire hour and a half show. It was great. Jay-Z was fun, and I danced in the boneyard for the full hour that he was on. Never did venture into those crowds at the main stage - didn't have to 'cause we could hear just fine from camp. Sweet! I'm not sure when Rise Against played. I did see some of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, but I think the heat was getting to me so I left 'em. Probably my favorite band was The Flavor Savers out of Chicago. They sang about how sexy they were. They were camped in our area, so that was cool. I also liked the Entrance Band and watched 2 of their shows. Isis was wonderful. Carolina Chocolate Drops were very good. Les Claypool was entertaining. I saw about 10 minutes of GWAR, but that was just disturbing. Amazingly enough, there were a few more that I saw, but those were the best that I can recall.

Would I go again? I complained about how hard the work was, but once the show got started and I realized all the perks that my Staff pass got me, I realized that I hadn't worked nearly hard enough for what I was getting. Sooo, yeah, if I could do the unpaid staff thing again and camp with the visual design crew, I'm pretty sure I would do it all over again. But I would never go as a commoner. Not after I have tasted the power. Which is why I dunno if Anne will ever go back again when she no longer has her position. But I guess time will tell. But it was a great vacation. Thanks Anne!

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