Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lamb's Supper - 1999"The Lamb's Supper - The Mass as Heaven on Earth" was written by Scott Hahn in 1999. I managed to finish it this weekend while chillin' at camp in Bonnaroo. Unfortunately, my stuff got a little wet from the rain, and the book doesn't look quite the same as it did when I left home. It also doesn't smell the same. Anyhow, in the book, Dr. Hahn attempts to show that the book of Revelation is played out through the Catholic Mass. I suppose he did alright with it. He could have taken one or the other in order - the Mass or Revelation - instead of skipping around hitting on the points that he wanted to make at certain times. Or maybe there was a rhythm to it, I dunno. At least it was fairly easy to understand with not much technical language. So did it convince me that the Mass is Heaven on Earth? I'd heard that concept before this book. I don't really have an answer. On my way to Manchester, Tennessee, I stopped at Calvary Chapel Memphis. It was a small group. They didn't have Mass, of course, but they had a communion service. I do think that a pastor errs when he says that what we are doing is a "symbol" or that the elements are "symbols". The Bible doesn't say that. I think that less words would be much better. I don't think it's meant to be explained on Earth, one way or the other. But I didn't stop for church on my way home. I was gonna go in Chattanooga, but I crossed the time zone and said "Crap." I was too late for the early service and too early for the late, and I was too tired to stick around. Did not know that it was in Eastern time. They should mention that on their website. Yup.

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