Wednesday, June 30, 2010

too hotSo I was sittin' there by the post office at Bonnaroo, and it was plenty hot, and this gal came up to try to get my signature on a post card to show my support of a new piece of legislation. I believe it was H.R. 3225: Community Gardens Act of 2009. It gives the Secretary of Agriculture the ability to make grants for community gardens or for community outreach that promotes healthy lifestyles. Now, I'm not against community gardens. I might be against healthy lifestyles...but anyway, the trouble with the bill is that it uses federal funding for stuff that should be taken care of at the community level. Not only that, but it seems like the Secretary of Ag could make the decision without congress needing to vote on it. Well, this girl, she gave me her Generation Y shpeal about how good this thing was. I was thinkin' yeah, yeah, but I also knew that Baskin Robbins was giving free ice cream to people who signed their names. She looked so crushed when I said I didn't really agree with the bill, so I agreed to do it for the ice cream. Yes, I sold out. And then I find out that the ice cream place was already closed for the evening. Since I was leaving the next morning, I never did get my ice cream. Fortunately, the postcards just went to the bill's author. What does he care - he already likes it. At least they didn't go to someone important. But I still sold out, and I think perhaps I need some penance. Would an ice cream fast be appropriate? I think yes. But how long? Summer. That's what I'll do. I hereby will not eat ice cream for the rest of summer. Come on September!

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