Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GabbyI dunno if you're exposed to news about the Dallas Cowboys, but they just started training camp on Friday, and already there is some majorly STUPID news. Okay, so this rookie who is a pretty good player refused to carry the equipment of one of the veteran players. It was just a little initiation thing, and it's all so very silly. BUT they can't seem to stop talking about it. From what I've heard, most people are siding with the rookie. Me? You know better. Here's the way I see it. Yes, the veteran was in the wrong first. I mean, come on, you are a professional now. This isn't high school. You don't get to torture the freshmen. However, the rookie should have done it anyway. He shouldn't have caused a scene, and he shouldn't have made the news because I really don't wanna hear about their drama. I couldn't even tell you the names of these players if I tried, and I've heard the story at least 5 times. I just don't care, but for some reason I still feel very strongly about it. It's the bucking of authority that I can't stand. Seeing stupid people have authority, if just by seniority, is very annoying, too, but not nearly as annoying as newbies who think they're something special. I just hope these guys don't turn me off for the season. But maybe I should be blaming the media. Seriously, this is all you have to talk about?!

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