Thursday, July 29, 2010

friendsMy shorts were still there. I got 'em. No worries. Our camera crew excitement made the news. They were filming a show called "Lone Star" that will be on Fox starting September 20. Yeah, apparently they wanted to capture our wind turbines, which makes a lot of us 'round here L.O.L. Seriously? You want our biggest eye sore!? Alright, I reckon they are pretty stunning the first time you see 'em. LOL, again, I just watched the promo from the link, and there are some windmills on there. Tee-hee-hee. Dunno why this is so funny to me. Oh, I'll definitely be watching the show. You know though. Those windmills are PERFECT for a story about a con-man. Someone said that our air is cleaner up here because of those things. Uhhhh... L.O.L. I keep having this suspicion that they're not even actually producing anything. Tourists, I reckon. But seriously. Government money. Contractors from Utah. Yeah...perfect.

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