Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ray RobertsThis is pop and me on Lucky and Ranger where the trail goes under FM 455. Yawn. Where are my glasses...There, that's better. So, the weekend is almost upon us. Horray for that. The week's been alright. I got two good rides in on Pepper, the neighbor's horse. He really is a good horse. Better than most of mine, I think. I probably shouldn't say that. Word might get back to 'em. But Max says that horses can't understand English. Yup. So, if you're around, don't forget the blood drive this evening at MISD. Well, evening - noon to 8pm, I think. Tomorrow is the tractor pull in Lindsay with the Bois d'Arcs. For now, I guess I should get ready for the day. Hope I don't run across anymore gay porn stars in my researchings. That made for an interesting 5 minutes or so.

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