Tuesday, July 20, 2010

pinesWe rode through these pines Sunday morning out at Ray Roberts Lake. We camped Friday and Saturday nights, and it was hotter than hot most of the time. The mornings were kinda nice. We rode 10.5 miles Saturday and maybe 9 on Sunday. The park says that it was 9, but my GPS said it was 5.1. I can't decide if all the trees could really mess the GPS up that much, or if they just told a story about the actual distance. Probably we should meet in the middle 'cause it certainly didn't FEEL like 9 miles. We'll call it 7. We also rode about 4 miles Friday evening. We left our camping stuff in the trailer 'cause more camping might happen this weekend when Emily and Whitney are here. They have to come now 'cause I went to the trouble of borrowing Pepper from Janet. I'll have to ride the rough off of him this week. It gives me something to do, although I would like to go swimming some time. But I like having an excuse not to.

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Whitney said...

oh, we'll be there.

don't you worry none.