Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friday NightNot sure if there's any point to posting since I already put all the good pictures from the weekend on the Facebook. Yeah, that's me in the middle with the two horses. I thought that maybe Ranger would calm down a little if he had one of his buddies with him. There might have been a tiny change for the better, but that also could have been because there just weren't many people there than night because of the rain. He hates being passed by other horses, and he really hates applause. I suppose both of these could be positives - he would have made a great race horse, and he's just so very humble. But, no, I just wish he could be calm and happy...with me! I like rodeos lots, but my horse doesn't share my feelings at all. And usually I feel pretty much like a failure after taking him to one 'cause it has to be a defect in his training. Most of the other horses there are mostly calm, and ALL of them have calmed down by the time they get to his age. But perhaps it's just a personality thing. Some of it may be, but there are still holes in his training, and that is on me. Sorry for lettin' ya down, Ranger. You had so much potential. And I think I did, too.

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Janette said...

That is such a sad post! But hey, remember the first time you took him to a Grand Entry? I'm thinking it was at Whitesboro, and he was maybe 3 years old. He reared up high! At least a couple of times. So, at least he doesn't rear anymore! You can't help it that he gets scared, and he can't help it that he has a phobia. All you can do is help him get through it, which you do. Unless there is some trainer out there who can educate the both of us...? Ranger is 14 years old, and my horse is 19, and he was goofy the last time I rodeoed, too. Maybe if we did it night after night after night after night...instead of just every summer...?