Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yesterday we went to Wichita Falls for the 30th Annual Texas Ranch Round-up. We were a little confused on what it was 'cause at no point in the event schedule was it ever referred to as a "ranch rodeo". It just said "arena events all night." But it was a ranch rodeo with 5 events - ranch bronc, doctoring, penning, branding and wild cow milking. Here are some pictures from the wild cow milking. The team of 4 guys gets 2 loops to try to catch her. Then they gotta wrestle with her awhile until they can get her still enough to get some milk in a bottle. Then one of the guys runs the bottle to the judge to stop the timer.

You can see in these last two that the guy in the black hat changes position from the cow's head to her tail, and another guy loses his hat. There was a whole lot of action in between these two shots. It gets pretty wild!

So that was fun. It was a very good ranch rodeo. They also had their ranch horse competition finals before the rodeo, and that was fun. Each rider did a reining pattern, then a steer was released, and they did a little working cow horse stuff. Then they roped the steer. I think the lady should have won. Of course.

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