Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gotta love these 100+ degree August days for hauling hay! I escaped from work at 1pm yesterday. Mom and I fetched a trailer, met up with cousin Sherie and her young 'ens, and we went on out to the 250 hay meadow to buck some bales.
The 250
Sherie's son, Seth, is gonna be in the 6th grade at Lindsay starting Monday. He picked up a couple bales. Every little bit helps! Mom was taking a watermelon snack break.
Seth & ma
Ethan, Sherie's other boy, is only 2, but he kept saying that he was gonna be 4 soon. He's a cutie, and he was a good sport about being out in the heat, even though he thought that we were gonna be riding horses instead.
Sherie, Ethan & me
Dad came out to help get the load into the barn. We think we had 109 bales, but I'm not very good at numbers. We were ready to take a break and pose for the camera, but he had plenty of energy and kept on workin'.
me, Sherie & pop
*cough cough* Dusty. Are you sure all this is necessary? It doesn't FEEL like winter is coming...
Finished! Horray! Thanks so much to Sherie for coming out and helping us!! I might just do some serious resting today. My hands aren't used to real work. It was bittersweet - to get to do something I enjoy in a place I really love, but to be reminded that those days have been over for 5 years now.

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