Friday, September 10, 2010

Life-Giving Love"Life-Giving Love - Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage" was written by Kimberly Hahn and published in 2001. It provides the Catholic Church's teaching on respect for life. It's a little too long and a little too all-over-the-place for me to give you much of a summary. The author, who is the wife of Scott Hahn, shares many stories from other people who have changed their attitudes toward being open to life. I don't think I learned anything new...well, perhaps the part about dealing with miscarriages taught me something, although I at first thought that part didn't quite fit. After reading it, though, I understand that the point was to encourage the reader to give greater respect to the lives of those miscarried babies. I still don't particularly want children, but I also know I couldn't be married without doing it right. I agree with the book. And I know it's easy to say from where I stand. There is no man in my life. I have pretty much no health problems. AND I don't live in a city where I might be more tempted to buy into the whole over-population thing. So it's all fine and good in theory, but how do I live it? I guess for now I can just admire the people who DO live it.

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Janette said...

What a glorious world this would be if everyone not only respected the sanctity of Life, but actually TREASURED Life, born and unborn, as Gifts from God. We are His children. We are His. We are. His.