Saturday, September 11, 2010

CanadaYup, I can't say I've never been to Canada now. And it was pretty enough. We found a Dairy Queen there, so there IS modern civilization in Canada. I wasn't sure. So I haven't posted about my trip yet, so I reckon I will tell you about it now...even though I'm a little tired since my neighbor had a floodlight trained at my window all night to protect his garage sale junk. Just kidding, I slept just fine. Not kidding about the floodlight, but I could go on a bit longer if I started complaining about those neighbors... So, it was great to have so much time to visit with Lynn, and she took me all over the place. We drove down to Richland in southeast Washington for her cousin's kid's birthday party. We drove to Cour d'Alene, Idaho, and stayed a night there. Then we went up through Sandpoint, crossed the border into Canada, found that aforementioned DQ in Creston, British Columbia, and then drove on back to Spokane. Oh, and we got to see Bri and her two kiddos. Oh, AND we went to this thing called "Pig-out in the Park", which involved food. So, yeah, good times. But I miss my friend.

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Janette said...

I like the way you worked "aforementioned" into your Post. And I didn't even laugh, the way you and Lynn did. Heh!