Saturday, September 18, 2010

2005This is Lynn & Apache, Me & Lucky, and Ranger at the farm in 2005. Why does Lynn have such a natural seat on that horse? It couldn't have been more than her 5th ride. So today I am MISSING the playday in Gainesville. NOT that my horses are really in shape for running around barrels and poles, BUT I would really like to make it to one of those. Butofcourse, I am off to Longview today. In fact, I'd best get moving 'cause I'm runnin' outta time. Don't forget the premier of Lone Star on Fox on Monday at 8pm CST. Our windmills will be on there. OUR windmills. Yes, of course we claim them now that they're gonna be on TV. I think there's some local man's oil rig on there, too. I dunno the whole scoop. I had to WORK that day.

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