Monday, September 20, 2010

Tony & StacyHawkins & GardnerThe 2nd cousin's wedding was rather nice. It was certainly different. It was at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. It was built in 1948. The bride made the cakes. That's a pirate ship on the left. That was the chocolate cake, and at least one layer was vegan. Then the other cake had different flavors for each layer. Mom had a strawberry piece, and I'm really not sure what my piece was, but it was soo very good. And the bride's daddy's band LongShot played later. I only stayed for a couple songs. And apparently I miss my cousin's fire-eating act. If it's anything compared to her nail thing, I should've stuck around. Had fun at the Branch's party. I still don't think I could get sucked in as a real NCIS fan, but I might watch the premier tomorrow.

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