Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lani & HenryThis is my mom's cousin-in-law, Lani. That means she's mom's cousin's wife. And that's my grandpa Henry on the right. Lani is definitely one of my favorites, but I don't think she knows that. Anyway, they seem to be having a good time with LongShot playing in the background. I guess I will go play golf this morning. I haven't done my Tuesday ritual in awhile for many reasons. But the reason I gave my boss last week was that I was broke. Heh. Okay, so that's never entirely true. It just means I want to spend my money and time on other things. But I think that he thinks I need to do the golfing thing. Prolly something to do with my office demeanor. I'm sure everyone needs a break from me. Mostly it's been too hot lately for the golfing. And also I have SO much to do at work, that it's not much of a break to come back to it all still sitting there waiting for me. AND I haven't had the desire to spend that much time with myself. But I think I'll just play 9. Surely I can handle that much me time.

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