Sunday, October 31, 2010

me as BobI was Bob the One-Eyed Ford Mechanic at the party last night. It was a good party and a great treasure hunt, as always. And it was even better with the Rangers' win! I hope we get some trick-or-treaters tonight. I don't suppose there's much else going on. Maybe I'll get my room clean today. I had a weird dream last night where I went by myself to a busy sit-down restaurant...and I was topless. I mean no bra, either. And it went on and on, with people's little comments and snickers, and then I went to the bathroom and put on a shirt. When I came out, everyone applauded. Then I went to pay my bill, and my card was missing, and I didn't have enough cash. Oh, yeah, and somehow the bill was $94.00 'cause I'd ordered something fancy that didn't show the cost on the menu. I don't think I got out of that situation. I just kinda stood there, shuffling through my wallet, hoping that the money or card would appear. And usually, in my dream world, they do appear. Or SOMETHING happens to save me. But it just went on and on. And on. Sigh.

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Janette said...

Too funny! Your story of your dream made me laugh right out loud! Interesting that you called it, simply, a dream, and not a nightmare. Heh! Maybe you are secretely an exhibitionist. HeeHee!