Saturday, October 30, 2010

MeowFiretail and Snuffy. Aren't they just too sweet? We had an office kitty yesterday. Shh, don't tell the boss! She was thirsty. And it made me think. This cat comes by the office, and I'm quick to offer it food and water. But I saw a homeless guy who looked slightly worse, and I didn't go offer him anything. But he also didn't come to me. That's part of the human problem - not asking for help. Pride and all that. Cats are better at begging. And their faces are cuter. Well, dad's out hunting at Bartush's this morning. Every year he has a tough time finding a good place to go, and he won this opportunity in a drawing, I think. So maybe we'll have some deer meat soon? It could happen. It's been years, though. And then we have chili for MONTHS. I'm okay with deer chili, but once there was hair in the meat, so I'm less excited about it these days. And I reckon mom's gonna do her paperwork this morning, and I'd better go to the office for a while. Anyone need a job in Gainesville? We need help. I need help. Am tired of being behind.

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Janette said...

Not a bad picture for being taken with my cell phone. Only I cut off Snuffy's nose. And his eyes. I'm always cutting off something, arent' I?