Friday, October 29, 2010

20082010What sort of difference does two years make? My shirt's a little more faded. My smile looks less real. But the time has been kind to my green-skinned friend. He looks a young as ever. Ahh, to be plastic, electronic and predictably seasonal. Mom took the photo on the left of me in front of Sarah's on the Square yesterday. We went to the Main Street Art Walk to see Barbara Pybas who was signing some of her books. We also ate dinner at the Pub and met some people who were visiting from Delaware. The picture on the right was taken in 2008 by Candy. It surely seems that she's been gone a lot longer than that. I saw her daughter the other day. I hope they're doing well.

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Janette said...

Look at his eyes! Two years ago he was looking straight ahead, but now he is looking towards the left...Are you sure he's not real??!! Eeeeekkk!!