Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Era RideThis was on the 16th at the Era Mason's bi-annual trail ride during the lunch break. Mom, dad and I all rode, but we only did half of it. That was long enough for me. In the picture is Rita in the white shirt. Across from her in the red shirts are Gates, our horsey hoof trimmer, and his wife Karen. Behind them is Ruth. I don't know anyone else in the picture, but I knew a couple other folks on the ride. Now that I know we can skip out at the ride's half-way point, I may never ride the whole thing again. I'm getting too old for that much fun, you know. 'Tis a sad thing that I fear posting about the ride because it's sponsored by the Masons, and I have a ...someone... who is particularly sensitive about the wrong-ness of the Masons. What does that have to do with my riding horses with them twice a year and giving some money to help Era graduates? Soo far removed. I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings, but I sure do wish someone cared about mine. Not that feelings have much of anything to do with the Gospel truth. The fact that we're all sinners saved by grace if we repent and trust in Jesus. Nothing to add to that.

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