Tuesday, October 26, 2010

web de cobOur Halloween "decorations". When's the last time someone cleaned in this house?! Hey, I just did the dishes.

I don't miss me when I'm gone...maybe 'cause I'm never gone from me...but still, why should other people miss me? Surely they don't. Do you? Do you even like me, or do you just come here out of habit. Do you recall me with happy thoughts, or am I simply unforgettable because I'm so... What AM i? Confused, mostly. Busy, a lot. Preoccupied, always. Lonely, some. Hopeful, ...that's debatable. Tired.All.The.Time. But enough about me. What, never! Exactly. I don't like me, and I find it difficult to continue to like people who like me. I start wondering why they don't see what I see. Sure, it's fun at first to be liked, but it can't last anyway, right? It's probably a sin not to like myself. Perhaps it wouldn't be if I made an effort to make myself likable. But what do I like? I like quiet. I like to see people smile. I like being innocent. But I'm not. So I try to like being guilty. And I can't. And I'm not supposed to. So why do I keep trying?

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Janette said...

What a great decorating job...!