Friday, November 19, 2010

How It WasI couldn't find any other online book review for this one, so I'm feelin' a lotta pressure here. "How It Was" is written by Barbara as told my J.E. Pybas. It has no publishing date, but it can't be over 5 years old, I'd say. It's a collection of stories. A lot of them can be found online (click the picture). It's fun and informative. I like the horse stories, and I like the ones about the prohibition days. That includes the times when ours was a dry county, and there were good times to be had north of the border in Oklahoma. And reading about historical stuff reminds me...who said of those radio guys. He said that our historical perspective starts at our birth. Something like that. And it's sad because I know I can't appreciate and understand exactly "How It Was" just by reading about it. We judge things by what is now. But it won't always be so.

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