Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Months to ChristmasNo, you're right, it's only just over a month until Christmas. 34 shopping days remain. This book, "Four Months to Christmas", was written by a local lady, Barbara Davis Pybas. It is the true story of how her husband, J.E. Pybas, lost his foot in a farming accident in the 1940s when they were first married. The four months is the time from the accident to when he was cleared to come home from the veterans hospital in McKinney. We got this book and 2 of her other ones at the Main Street Art Walk in Gainesville a couple weeks ago. If you don't know the name Pybas, you're probably not from around here. They own the river bottoms where we sometimes go catfishing. I cut and baled hay for them once. Anyway, it was quite a story. In the book I'm reading now, Mr. Pybas tells about a horse that bucked his wooden leg off. That particular horse came from Chuck Bartush Sr., who was the father of the man who was my soccer coach back in the day.

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