Sunday, November 28, 2010

dad : Apache :: me : RangerI don't even look sick, do I? Nothing like a brisk horsey ride through crowds of people to wake a person up, eh? There were a lot of people watching the parade yesterday! I was impressed. I'm glad I did a little equine decorating for it. Dad decided to ride with me. I was just gonna lead Ranger and ride Apache 'cause Apache's the calm one, and Ranger's presence keeps him even calmer. Haha, this picture makes it look like the opposite, though. Apache looks kinda wild, and Ranger seems to be falling asleep. But Ranger can't fool me, especially since he's soaked with sweat from dancing through the whole parade - all 7 or 8 blocks of it. The high school band was marching behind us, and he just knew they were plotting something against him. But he sure did lots better than he did 3 years ago when he had a total mental breakdown! But I'm sure you non-horse-people don't care about all that. Soo, what can I say for ya'll...well, mom got this new thing for blowing and sucking leaves. It's kinda fun. It's a Worx TRIVAC. But we have too many pecans and acorns, and it doesn't suck those too well. But blowing leaves way beats raking them all. Says me. Is it spring yet?

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Janette said...

The stripes make them look sooo slender! Ha! Great candy-cane effect! Ya'll looked wonderful!