Tuesday, November 02, 2010

cowgirlI'm not sure who this was, but I was jealous of her cowgirl costume. But then mom reminded me that I did go trick-or-treating once on my pony. I think there is a picture, but I don't really remember doing it. I would think it would slow a person down a bit when it comes to the accumulation of candy. Oh, look, I'm in that picture, too! There on the upper left. I did not know that. OH, suddenly the whole perspective changes! I thought I was looking from the steps at the front door, but the door in the back is the one to my room...never mind...you don't really care, do you? Funny when perspective changes, though. How things make more sense. And it's really nice to make sense outta things and get your bearings. Yarg, if only I could do that with the grand scheme of life. None of it makes a lick-o-sense to me lately. I don't think my cat likes jazz music. That's alright - neither do I - but it wakes me up in the morning fairly well.

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Janette said...

The little pony-girl is Dobe Fleitman's daughter. She was part of that flatbed trailerload of trick-or-treaters, as was our new back-door neighbors, Jeremy & Jill (Hess) Walterscheid and their little girl Kaitlyn. And don't be sad: Your pony was REAL and hers is stuffed. Besides, her pony has a crooked neck. And pink feet.