Tuesday, December 28, 2010

me & Dr. BayerEeep - red eyes on me. Dr. Bayer came to celebrate my birthday with me at Rohmer's last week. Her name came up again yesterday when a certain someone else who was going out of town for most of the week told me about their sick dog and about how Dr. Bayer had come the night before to check out the situation. Anyway, she left a lovely regimen of pills for them to give to the dog twice a day. However, as I said, they're not here most of the week, so guess who gets to administer those pills? Yes, 'tis I. I reckon it's alright. It's not hard to do. I just stuff about 5 pills in a hunk of cheese, and the dog inhales them all at once. I was worried that I'd forget to go over to the house, but I don't think that'll be a problem - I dreamed about it last night. Actually I dreamed that I was getting the pills out, and the wrong dog stole them from me. Hmm. I wrote myself a note that says "DRUG THE DOG". That should help me remember.

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