Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ArtsyLotsa peoples blogged yesterday. That's nice. I'm glad to have reading material. Unfortunately I don't have much to say myself. My checkbook balanced after a little doctoring. I discovered that the Drury Inn in Missouri gave me $11.56 twice. It didn't show on the receipt, the discount code of it being a group rate, so I went to the desk to complain, and they put the money back on. But on the actual charged amount, it was already $11.56 lower. I have decided not to call them and give it back. We were supposed to get the senior rate, too, so maybe one of those goes with that. Or maybe it was per day. I dunno, but they confused me thoroughly. And they made us wait to check in. And they didn't give us rooms together. Why, yes I am justifying my keeping the money. Hey, if you disagree, feel free to speak up at any time. I won't listen, but sometimes it helps to talk about things. You go right ahead.


Thainamu said...

I don't have any comment about the morality of keeping the money, but rather a practical comment. I've had the worst situations when I've tried to correct a mistake of this sort--it is hard to explain, hard for the person to understand what you are saying, hard for them to understand that you might be trying to give them money back, and sometimes they are embarrassed that you pointed out their mistake anyway! And sometimes they are just in such a hurry that they'd rather you take the money than spend their time fixing the problem.

Janette said...

Yes, it would be per day. So I believe everything is OK. Mom