Friday, December 31, 2010

Brandon - Lucky - Christian - me - JazzLucky was lucky enough to play the part of the kid pony on Dec. 19 at the family Christmas party. He was pretty calm for awhile, but he was starting to lose patience by the time this picture was taken. His view is trained on the direction of the other 3 horses. He was saying, "Help! There are more kids around every corner!" He had a right to be upset. I promised him that we'd find some green grass somewhere, and, as you can see, there just isn't any edible greenery to be had. The kids brought him carrots, but I still shouldn't make promises that I can't fulfill.

I'm not sure what Imma do for the new year tonight. 2010 was a pretty decent one for me, so I don't really wanna see it go. I have options. I can go to Ft. Worth with Anne. I can go to grandma's for dinner and then come home and SLEEP. Or I can just watch movies and then SLEEP. I could even work late and forego all extracurriculars. If I don't get a nap today, I think Imma vote for SLEEEEEEEEP.

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