Monday, December 13, 2010

52 YearsThis was mom's birthday cake last weekend. Her sister Kathy made it. This weekend the Granbury cousins were in town, but I didn't take any pictures. But I do have an unrelated story.

I said, "Dad, where's that bucket I use to water the dogs?"

Dad points up in a tree and says, "It's up there. I threw it at a squirrel the other day and it got stuck."

I say, "What?! Okay, fine." And I found a ball to throw up at it to knock it out. I got it on my second throw, and as the bucket fell, a squirrel popped out of it and ran down the tree branch! It was as quick as could be, and dad didn't see it. So then we looked all over the tree, but either the squirrel was hiding or I just imagined the whole thing. I'm pretty sure there was a squirrel in that bucket. Or am I just losing my mind. No way to know.

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Thainamu said...

I vote for the squirrel in the bucket!