Thursday, December 23, 2010

Signal the FrogWell, the 29th birthday was a great success. Mom lavished me with too many gifts in the morning, one of which was extra cool, but I can't say what it was because of the nature of the 'Net. I haven't gotten to try it out yet. Then at work, Patty had a big birthday balloon and doughnuts to share. In the evening, we had a geocaching event party at Rohmers, and 6 cachers logged in for the find! I think it went really well, and I had cake for breakfast this morning, so it's a good start to my 30th year. I wonder what would happen if I had cake for breakfast every morning. It would be a great experiment.


Thainamu said...

Wow, you had quite a day! Happy Birthday!

tank said...


Whitney said...


and i'd eat it for breakfast. and lunch. and dinner. any day.

glad your party went well!