Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday I went to the funeral for my 4th grade teacher, Anna Theresa Hermes. She was one of my favorites. I sat at the funeral behind my 5th grade teacher. My kindergarten teacher was singing the music. Then I thought how my 1st and 3rd grade teachers have died. I thought my 2nd grade teacher died, too, but I just can't remember. And my 8th grade teacher. So somehow from 5th to 7th, they're still around.

The question has been raised as what I am doing toward the end of the week. Well, the office is open Thursday until noon, but I'm sure I will continue working 'til I can't stand it anymore. And I also plan to work some on Friday, although that is optional. I have two projects that I softly promised for today. One will be done, and the other, well, I'd better go get after it. The weekend is still undecided because no one knows when the Hess party is going to take place due to conflicting schedules. Church will happen at 8pm on Friday. It's supposed to rain anyhow, so that could be sad. We shall see.

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Prairie said...

Ok? So - what does that mean? How about lunch on Friday, if you are available? And what do you want/need for a present? I have to admit I am at a loss of what to get you. :)