Monday, January 24, 2011

Valley of DeathAnother quick read, Helen Goodman wrote "Valley of Death" in 2008. I'm pretty sure this was another of our garage sale finds back in September. It was okay. I think my conclusion is that my mind is on the same page as Ms. Goodman's. I could figure out everything that was gonna happen about a chapter before they happened, and the end was fairly clear before I got halfway through the book. Ah, well. It was fun to read. I wasn't too excited about the main character, the teacher. And I'm pretty sure that I was judging her just by her profession. It's one that I don't understand very well.

Well, we didn't see Julia the other day, but we did have a nice meal at Sarah's. It was too cold to be chasing movie stars anyhow. I watched some football yesterday, and I'm very pleased with the final two teams for the showdown in two weeks. I've got no party lined up for that, but I think I'll either be at grandma's or grandpa's...they both have nice new TVs. Grandma's TV is better, but grandpa is more into football. Go Packers!

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