Sunday, February 13, 2011

BirthrightHorray! It's the last Harlequin for awhile! "Birthright: Welcome to Riverbend - Population 8,793" (2000) was written by Judith Arnold. I figured out who Aaron's sperm-donor father was fairly early on in the story, but it was still a fun book. I would like to find the person, though, who has EVER used the singing of "Happy Birthday" as a coaching tool for basketball drills. Umm...yeah. I couldn't buy that part. But people are crazy. And we all know that I didn't finish the coaching part of my education. Ahh, sweet relief!

Today is grandma's (dad's mom's) 90th birthday party. Lotsa family in town for it. I'm sure it will be lovely. Most Sundays are, you know. Maybe I should take more credit/responsibility for that. Mostly I'm just here. That is all.

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