Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Father's Vow"A Father's Vow"...what about his WEDDING vows?? Riiight. This one was written by Tina Leonard in 2001. Cute enough story, highly believable, I'd like to find Trueblood, Texas, #7 and find out what happens with Ryan. I think it's cool how this series follows the same story line with each book being written by different authors. I think there are 16 of them. I would read another.

So, I'm home again from work due to the snow. The road really wasn't that bad. It's more like sand than anything slick, but I think my alternator is acting up in my car, and I would like to put off dealing with it as long as possible. But I suppose tomorrow I'll have to get back to the real world. I think my car will still start. We'll see. Last night it kept dying at every red light and stop sign. I just figured out how to flip it in neutral and keep the gas pedal down. I know that sounds unsafe, but, hey, I'm I was a professional! Driver, I mean. So not much to report for today. I made chicken tacos for lunch. Mom and I just watched Precious. I thought it was good, but it's certainly in your face. Makes you thankful for what you have. Maybe I'll bundle up and go for another walk. I tried it this morning and thought my thighs were gonna freeze off. I suppose I could survive without them.

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