Friday, February 04, 2011

A McKaslin HomecomingWhat is with the Montana settings? Does romance only happen there? I'm starting to wonder. I'll have to ask Joanna. "A McKaslin Homecoming" by Jillian Hart (2007) is a pretty sweet little book. This one was nothing like the other's I've been reading. It seems like the female character is always a little sassy and confrontational, but I identified more with this gal, Lauren. I think Caleb might be too tall for me, though. Heh. It was just a mental picture I started out with and couldn't shake.

Well, there's new snow on the ground this morning. I worked yesterday after being out on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it looks like another free day. I'm not too thrilled about it. The thing that I'm most concerned about is that I've got $XXX.00 worth of tickets for Lady Antebellum at Winstar tonight, and it's likely gonna be too messy to get there. In the words of Billy Ray - "I want my money back." it "money" or "mullet"...hmm...I really thought it was money...but I was WRONG. I knew that. The show must go on...but hopefully at a later date.

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