Sunday, March 27, 2011

daffodilsThree weeks have gone by, and these flowers are already gone. I wonder if some rain would convince them to bloom again. I see that the roses are about ready to bloom, but they are thirsty, too. I don't normally see it necessary to pray for rain. I mean, I know God's gonna take care of us, and if He chooses not to make it rain on our land, then that is also His good and perfect will. But prayer doesn't change God - it changes us. Right? And I suppose I didn't always think that way. I used to think a LOT differently. I used to think a lot MORE. Having time to think is a luxury these days. And it doesn't seem as vitally necessary as it used to. I think sometimes I put a little bit too much worth on logic. I just won't comprehend everything. That's just the way it is. Shoot, I can barely even remember what I already know! Take for example - Friday at work. I was lookin' in the fridge, pondering what would make a good snack for a person like myself who was more bored than hungry, and I saw these two salads in there that'd been sittin' there for weeks. And I says to Danielle, "I wonder why Cecelia hasn't been eating her salads...they've been in there forever." I then proceed to get a different snack, sit down with it, and then the light turns on and I remember... "HEY. Those are MY salads. I remember picking them out." That salad sure did taste good, despite my mental failure. I have another one waiting for me at the office tomorrow. I won't forget this time. God won't forget to give us rain, either.

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Whitney said...

most excellent of points, there.

God simply won't forget.