Monday, April 18, 2011

Horse Sense"Horse Sense: Long Shot for President" was written by William J. Chambers in 2008. It's sorta supposed to be a political satire, but it's not really funny, so I'd say it's just political, which...I don't mind listening to ideas, so I reckon that's alright. I got this at a store in Gainesville called Frilly Kisses. I know, right? Well, they told me about how this William character is kinda local and kinda in the horse circle, so I thought I'd check out his stuff. Of course I don't agree with all of his ideas, and I just don't feel like going into the discrepancies.

So there was this fundraiser this weekend while I was gone in Longview. And it was during the Women's Residence Hall banquet thing, and they were calling us to find out what prizes we wanted to pick because we WON. First we won one of the half-hour drawings. I got an iPod out of that, and I think I've just about figured out how to use it. The other prize was for a cow being in our square...see, they used the football field 'cause the fundraiser was for repairs to the field. Anyway, they had cattle on there, they sold the squares, and then whoever had a cow on a square at a certain time won. Well, we won one of those big prizes, too, and it was a hunting package worth about $900.00. No joke. .22 rifle, scope, case, ammo, targets, shirt, jacket, overalls, boots, chair blind, binoculars & knife. 0_0 Thanks, Gehrig Hardware, for that. I reckon I'd better not say any bad things about cows again for awhile. The best will be the binoculars 'cause momma dropped our old ones and you have to hold the eye part just so or they don't work. Just think of all the "birds" I can stalk now!

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