Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fatnessI used to love feeds. I think I still do, but I have been struggling for the last few days with trying to figure out why suddenly none of my feeds will open. What happened was, see, I thought I'd be smart and download updates. And it showed that there is an Explorer 9. I'm still running 7, but I think, why not just skip the one that annoyed me on the work computers? So I download #9. And NOTHING will open. Computer explodes, I do system restore, things work again, I think "Maybe I should do 8 then 9, and the computer will be happy. No. Still an explosion. So I go all the way back to 7 again. So I should be happy, and so should the machine. But is this the case? NOOOO. My feeds won't work. They refresh and turn bold and tell me there's new stuff, but the links bring up blank pages. I did a little tweaking, and I finally got WordPress feeds to go through, but I still can't do a thing with Blogger's. So i QUIT. BLAARRG! At least I got that work computer fixed. There's certainly something to be said for starting from scratch and installing everything yourself. SIGH. I'm almost over it, I guess. rar? Are you still there? See, how YOU gonna get here if feeds fail you? Exactly! Who can say "Safari" with me? I'm getting close. Okay, moving on. I have posted my weight chart today. I can't really say it shows my weight loss exactly...I mean, I weighed 7 lbs less when I started the thing a year ago. But, wow, just 7 lbs! I mean, you can see that I've been making progress as of late. Not fast progress, and that makes me even more pleasantly pleased. I don't want to move fast. It's too much for my brain to adjust to, you see. It's hard for other people to adjust to the change, too. We'll see how long I can keep up my slow and steady reserve.

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Ruedi and Whitney said...

google. chrome.

do it.