Tuesday, April 12, 2011

deer feederOn Saturday when me and Rachel were out riding near Marysville, we happened by this innovative deer feeder. Sorry it was just a cellular photo, but you can prolly see that it's a waste receptacle that has been fitted with an automatic feed dispenser on the bottom. I did laugh heartily. But I was too busy taking the picture and didn't even notice the blind hidden in the trees. Pretty sure it was empty. I always try to notice the blinds and tree stands in the hopes that whoever might be inside will also notice me and not mistake me for a deer. Ya know, I don't much care for having hunters in the same woods that I'm in, but it does keep the horsey rides interesting. Especially this time of year when the gobbler hunters are out. They just sit there right off the trail in their camo. You get 50 points if you can spot one. You'll have to ask me for details on my points system sometime. You get 100 points just for not getting shot.

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