Friday, June 03, 2011

WinstarWe had a good time at the Lady Antebellum concert last night - me and the parents and Uncle Paul and Aunt Nancy. They busted out some Aerosmith with "Sweet Emotion" and another oldie with "I Ain't Missing You". Of course they sang lots of their own songs, too. And they was all actin' like they wasn't gonna sing "Need You Now", but we knew they would. "We" being everyone in the Winstar. Hee-hee, except the people outside the concert area, that is. Momma said that when the concert let out, someone asked her why so many people were leaving at once - was there a bomb scare or something ;) Not quite. But, if there was, we'd be doomed, 'cause it was pretty packed. Good times, good times. I only yawned like 20 times. It wasn't boring; I just haven't caught up on the sleep thing yet from the vacation. Dunno if it'll happen this weekend, either. This evening we're supposed to celebrate Aunt Cheryl's birthday. Tomorrow I might go to Oklahoma for work and/or pleasure since the Women's College World Series is happening up in OKC. Baylor should still be playing, although I don't completely understand the elimination bracket system...something about best of 3 games. And Sunday my golf buddies have FINALLY decided to take me back, and we're playing in the Saint Jo Cheerleaders tourney. I guess I can support the cheerleaders. I support anything that gets me outside in the sunshine in June in Texas. Ahhh, bliss.

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