Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 week old kittensA little tired, but not too bad. Mostly content. Missing my favorite part of the year 'cause I'm cooped up in the office too much. Wondering if I still know how to get on a horse. Needing exercise. Sorta wishing I was at Bonnaroo this weekend but happy enough about doing the Nocona Rodeo instead. Yup, that's pretty much how I'm doing these days. I remember my dream last night. I was at some kind of school/dorm thing. And we had to share the same bathroom with the boys, except the girls' toilet doors were pink and the boys' were blue. Then I was issued my basketball jersey and shoes, and it was a lot to carry. I was talkin' to this lady about all this stuff I could barely carry, and she felt sorry for me. She was selling earrings. I said she should give me a pair to make me feel better. She said she'd give me $2 off, and I told her I'd come back to buy something. Then I went to a class with a teacher who was trying way too hard to be cool. We were supposed to learn about UCC filings, and I brought a box to class (for filing, I guess??). And I asked the teacher where we were going to start, and she said that we would go over the alcohol lesson first. I said, eh? And then she started singing a drinking song that'd I'd heard before, but I can't remember it now. The end. No, I did not have anything to drink last night. Soo...the picture is of the 5 remaining kittens. They don't hold still for long, so that was the only picture where I got all of 'em mostly together. They're almost not kittens any more.

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Janette said...

I thought it was a pride at the zoo, till I realized that that is our fence in the background...And that might be my dog, Big B in the corner. Heh!