Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Forgotten Garden" was written by Kate Morton in 2008. I really enjoyed this book. I purchased it at the Salt Lake City airport. I was gonna buy lunch instead, but the prices were too high, so I tried for something that would occupy my attention a bit longer than a sandwich. The bookstore lady pointed out this book when I asked her for suggestions, and I'm glad I went with it. She said that she read it slowly and savored it, and I did start out that way, but I was in a hurry at the end to finish it and get all the answers to the mystery. Every time a question was answered, it would open the door for new ones. Even with the book distracting me, it was still pretty tough to fly out of SLC. And that not because of the turbulence, although it still makes me smile when I think of how the pilot came over the intercom when the plane was bouncing all over the place and said, "We-e-e mi-i-igt b-e-e e-e-experi-i-iencin-ing some tur-urbule-e-ence..."

Speaking of turbulence, we certainly had some Saturday evening. If you haven't heard, we had a pretty wild storm here. They called it a microburst and not a tornado, but you could've fooled us. There are all sorts of wonderful stories of adventures, but I'm pretty tired of talking about and hearing them at this point. I'm just glad that no one was hurt and that things are mostly cleaned up at this point. My high school will have to do some serious repairs to their fieldhouse/weightroom, but it probably was about time a new one anyhow. My house made it on the Channel 8 News. You can see it in the background 11 seconds into this video, where Jason and Chris are helping us cut down our biggest broken limb. We also lost most or our chimney, and we finally got that hole covered up yesterday just in time for more rain to hit last night (but no bad storms - horray!). I hope the tarp held. Anyhow, I expect I'll eventually get some pictures up. Just to tide you over, here's one for you - this is what became of our poor chimney:

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