Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chimney SweepI think dad had way too much fun throwing bricks off the roof. It does appear that most of the cleanup around town is complete at this point. Sonic is still missing their sign. We're still playing pick-up-sticks, but that's not so difficult. I see lotsa limbs down in Gainesville, too, but it seems that the Gainesvillians didn't scurry around to clean up everything quite like Muenster did. Of course, we didn't have anything better to do with no TV or computer or air conditioning to keep us in the house. But I'm just sayin' - Muenster 1, Gainesville 0. Just like the Ranger game last night - it only takes one point to win - thanks, Mitch. Go Rangers - beat those 'Stros! And did you hear about the Guinness World Record that was set at the Ranger game last night? Something about sunglasses at night. Kinda goofy.

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