Thursday, June 23, 2011

powerlessSo, yeah, the power went out on Saturday around 7:15pm, just before the storm hit, and it stayed out until the following evening at about 9:30pm. The church and community center had power, as did quite a few of the businesses and folks to the north and east. The crews worked very hard at getting us back up and running, and yesterday I heard that they have similar problems down in Tarrant County. I feel their pain. The worst part was what happened with my cousins at the Father's Day party at Uncle Doug's house. Christian and Ryan went out to roll up the windows on a vehicle as the storm was hitting, and they decided to stay put instead of running back to the house. Well, a power line fell over the car they were in, so they were stuck. The fire department came to help. We were wondering where the firemen had to go 'cause they all dashed out of the post-golf party at the KC Hall. That probably wasn't their only stop that evening, though.

But that was last weekend. This weekend is the Bowie rodeo, and I'm planning to go. I expect it'll be hot. Summer has arrived, after all. It's almost July. That means the Whitesboro rodeo will be next. Then there's not much action til the Gainesville rodeo toward the end of the month. Gotta hit 'em all!

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