Thursday, July 14, 2011

Portland HeadLooks kinda lika a post card, yes? I took, or maybe FDLCW took, this picture back in December 2005 in Maine. I been looking for those maine pictures for awhile now...okay, since the beginning of this month when I realized it was the same lighthouse, but it's kinda hard to find digital things sometimes. I actually was looking for the remote to the air conditioner in a livingroom drawer when I found the cd that had these pictures on it. I'd have never found it THERE, ya know? And why did I put it in there? Anyhow, I found the pictures, and I was kinda happy about it 'cause this particular lighthouse is featured on my wall calendar this month. It has a website, portlandheadlight, if you're interested in seeing more.

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dia de alba said...

Good memories. :) I miss you already.