Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kristen's nieceIsn't this cute? Okay, the answer is yes. I admit it. And isn't Ranger such a gentleman? Mmm, sometimes.

Welp, it looks like a busy weekend coming up. I will tell you about it. This evening I'm supposed to help get the Republican Women's yearbook ready for the printers. Tomorrow I'm planning to visit Babe's for some chicken-y goodness. Then me and ma are goin' to the rodeo in Denton 'cause we are fans of the Whitney. Saturday Kayla is supposed to go on a little horsey ride in the morning with me, and the Rebecca St. James concert is in the evening. And on Sunday, I think we're gonna go see "The Help" in Gainesville. I hope I find some time for sleeping, too.

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Janette said...

The little girl's name is Neveah, which is "Heaven" spelled backwards. She's two years old. That's her mom, Carrie, on the left. Oh, and don't forget about Apache, the Paint Horse grazing in the background!