Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hole in OneThere it is. My only proof. Yesterday I aced the 4th hole at Turtle Hill from the white tees with an 8 iron from about 150 yards. I hit it and thought, "Oh, I hit that way too hard." Then it bounced in front of the stick, and I thought, "Hey, that may end up pretty good...wait, that's looking REALLY'" Who says it's too hot to be playing golf? That's just silly talk. Speaking of the heat, I can't decide if it's the heat itself that I'm tired of or if it's the speaking of the heat that's getting so old. Everyone has something to say about it, and we're all saying the same things. Even as I type, the radio is saying that 109 was our high yesterday. Those numbers are getting closer to my average golf score! ;) Speaking of that, I ended up shooting a 50 on the 9 holes which contained my beautiful eagle a/k/a ace a/k/a HOLE IN ONE!!! w00t.


Janette said...

Too Cool!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I sure wish I had been there to see that!

Anonymous said...

Guess I am going to start blogging again. Arrggg:)