Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tomorrow it will be 15 years since we adopted Apache back in 1996. Here is the news broadcast from Friday, June 21, 1996, which was the first time we heard about the situation. Sorry about the audio; that's how it was recorded on the ol' VHS. Apache, of course, is the paint horse. The gray horse is Star (fka Allie), Prairie's horse.

This was the second newscast on Monday, June 24, 1996.

And here is the last video from August 23, 1996, two months after the rescue. We adopted our Apache and Star just two days later on August 25.

So there you have it. It was estimated that Apache was 4 years old when we got him, so tomorrow is his unofficial 19th birthday. He's looking pretty good. Maybe he's a little fat. He has been quite an addition to our lives, from breaking mom's back to busting my nose. He's always had that little issue with bucking. The truth is, when we went to pick out our horses for adoption, Prairie and I went on a little ride. The parents were busy talking, and a barn was blocking their view when Apache bucked me off on that very first ride. I got back on and didn't tell mom about it for quite a few years. It's been awhile now since he's pitched anyone off, but he still thinks about it.


Star is also doing well. She was a couple years older than Apache, so I guess tomorrow is her 21st birthday.



amydoodle said...

Great story Sarah. I had not heard all of it. So who adopted Star? I would say Apache has a great life now.

Prairie said...

How did you get my horse with her tongue sticking out?? The vet estimated Star was 7 when we adopted her, so she's 22. Not so old, just lame. :(

Janette said...

Ha, Ha! Prairie, Star was posing for me while Sarah snapped the picture. I guess she was licking her lips 'cause she had just finished eating her feed; YUM! Amy, Star is Prairie's horse. And do you remember Una Hess? She adopted two of the horses, though I have no clue where she or they are today. Maybe (Una's Aunt) Gloria can tell me; I'll ask her sometime.

Janette said...

ohhhh, I get it! "fka" = "formally known as."