Saturday, October 29, 2011

As ye kin see, I dun changed my layout hereabouts. The whole point was to fix this lil problem I have when I try to put my link onto the facebook...I get lines of code gobbly-dee-gook. However, the plan failed, and now I have a new layout with nothing to show for it but...a new layout. And I don't know squat about css styles, gidgets and what-not, so I'll either have to learn or switch back. I'll give it some time.

HalloweenOur family Halloween party was last night. I was the crazy cat lady, and I'm in the picture here with cousin Stacie, an '80s girl. It was a lovely party, and there was a double treasure hunt including a piƱata. We had to sing songs to get our clues. We would have more pictures, but mom put the camera battery in upside down and thusly declared, "This battery is completely dead!" But it's nice to have something funny to smile about after the Rangers did their thing. Grrr.

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