Friday, October 28, 2011

old stuffThis is what has been hiding under the siding on the rent house. Mom called it "slat lock", I think. I think it looks very cool, but there must be a reason why they covered it up in the first place. We're not replacing the cement siding, but this little area was exposed when they had to cut the door-hole bigger for the new door. No Soliciting - ha ha ha! That sign has been there since I was living there before. I guess door-to-door soliciting was more of an issue back in the '80s. I remember watching a man do a vacuum demonstration in our house once. Perhaps the door-to-door salespeople will make a comeback someday. I know I'm gonna take the sign down when I live there. Salespeople may be the only visitors I ever get! (Except for you, mother, but I'll know you're only using me for my computer ;)

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Janette said...

I would NEVER use you that way (heh, heh). It's called "shiplap", but that makes no more sense to me than your version. It's very pretty; too bad it was ever covered.